Our Solution

Our mission at Revive is to cure all viral infections including cancer and diseases using a Lysin protein to eliminate the DNA and/or RNA of infected cells!

Leveraging Radiation

By leveraging radiation technology, we are able to scan the whole body to ensure our lysine protein is being targetted to the right area.

Phage Display

Another exponential science we are leveraging is phage display, by using phage display, we can insert the lysine protein in order to get rid of all the malicious dna in a cell.

Disease and Cancer Treatment

And finally by leveraging both of these, we can cure and treat all viral infections, diseases and cancer tumors which kill over 40% of the population.

Impact on the World

Unlocking the power of the human genomes has various transformative applications to it that can completely change up the way medications are today, here are just the initial ones!

Curing Cancer

Cancer alone kills about 8 million people every year, by using revive, we will be able to dramatically reduce this number.

Curing All Diseases

14 - 16 million deaths that Ischemic heart disease and stroke cause yearly, we want to save these 14-16 million people from this reality.

Increasing Overall Global Happiness

Now that we have saved a ton of lives and exponentially reduced mortality rates, we are able to increase overall happiness on a global scale.

Decrease in Mortality Rates

In 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people will die from the disease. We will reduce these numbers.

About Us

Samarth Athreya
Samarth is 15 years old, despite his age he is a blockchain and machine learning developer. He has several years of experience with programming. Alongside his passions for programming, Samarth also dove deep into nanotechnology and realized its potential to intersect with genomics in order to optimize genetic sequencing..
Ayaan Esmail
Ayaan is a 13 year old nanotechnology, genomics, and pharmacogenomics enthusiast. He conducted an experiment in which he personalized blood clot medications to specific genotypes, and when he looked back at the way the genetic data was gained for the experiment he realized that it was done very in-efficiently and had to be changed for everyone to be able to unlock the power of the genome.